Amaz Global Wines represents a number of boutique winery brands from well-known regions across the globe. Our established portfolio gives our clients a wide range of choices when it comes to variety, style, country of origin and more. We respect the craft of winemaking, and we wish to pass on the unique vision of each winemaker to wine lovers all around the world.


Legendary winemaker James Irvine's second masterpiece.

So who are Marjico Wines? The answer: Marjorie and James Irvine (Marjorie – Mar, and Jim – Ji, Company – Co), who most of you already know! Additionally, Marjico is the brand name for a rare, exciting, and super-premium red wine made principally from Cabernet France.


Because we only produce a small quantity of wine each year (300 dozen), there will be no mass distribution, instead we sell directly to our customers. With this rare, high-end wine, we want to give our customers something special; something new to discover; something to show others; something truly magnificent; something utterly enjoyable.

DogRidge is a small family-owned venture that started in 1992, when we purchased our first vineyard.

We now produce a range of boutique wines from 90 acres of premium McLaren Vale vineyards.

DogRidge is the name of an old-fashioned vine rootstock and strangely, it caught our imagination. Given the main house is on a ridge overlooking the vines, and we are besotted with curly haired, four-legged friends, you can figure it out.

So, DogRidge it is, a shared dream that includes art, an intimate cellar door and gallery, heritage vines and, above all, a commitment to distinctive wines that celebrates the beauty around us.


4 Stars McLaren Vale winery that started in 1992.


Independently owned and run, Alliance Wines was founded in 1984 in Beith, Ayrshire, Scotland. Since then, it has grown to become one of the leading suppliers to the wine trade in the UK, importing from over 20 countries around the world, representing over 200 producers, and making wine in Australia, Spain, France and Chile.
Alliance is also very lucky to have three Masters of Wines (there are only 400 in the world!): - Giles Cooke M.W , Fergal Tynan M.W & Jean Waring M.W.
Giles is so into Grenache, he is making Australian range Thistledown and de Alto from Spain.
Fergal is specialized in Southern France -- Terre Fidele.
Jean is the on-trade channel manager and responsible with premium hotels & restaurants