Amaz Global Wines began its business journey as a vineyard and winery. With increasing customer demand, we rapidly outgrew the vineyard. We forged strong and trustworthy relationships with neighboring wineries and vignerons from key Australian wine growing regions, allowing us to expand our services as a "one-stop solution".

We We have built sustainable and trustworthy bridges between wineries and the marketplace.

In 2016, one of the company founders bought a rural property in Italy and AMAZ Global Wines used this opportunity to expand its supplier networks to Italy, France and Spain. This proved to be a popular move with our existing client base as we now enjoy a wonderful and personal relationship with the Old World wine sector. We have also expanded our international reach to other wine regions, specifically Chile and South Africa, to meet the growing demand of our wine supply services.

With this extensive global reach and network of trusted growers and wineries, Amaz Global Wines has established itself with a unique wine services footprint, providing a vineyard to shelf service solution for both customers and suppliers.